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"Pure unadulterated bliss! That's exactly what I felt the first time I held a flawless diamond. I find joy in replicating that feeling for my clients."

- Corey Anthony Jones

Corey Anthony Jones fulfills the void within the fine jewelry space imposing high quality standards combined with an aesthetic of the cutting edge, customizable designs that stand out from the rest. 


Jones realized early on in his career, there was no fine jewelry brand on the market that appealed to his peers whose tastes had since matured as they started to enter a new phase in their lives with more prominent careers and marriage on their minds. With the only options available being namesake jewelry institutions that had the brand name but not the contemporary designs to make each piece unique, Jones saw an opportunity to create a different lane. 


With his ability to procure diamonds straight off the cutter’s block, Jones has a vast international network of formally trained craftsmen with decades of experience. Specializing in hand fabrication and sourcing precious gemstones straight from the mines, Jones’ unique rolodex featuring the foremost certified master goldsmiths. Jones’ capability to execute a streamlined process from conception of custom designs to final production gives him the agility to provide clientele with the utmost quality and expedited turnaround times which is unmatched in the industry. 


As a Los Angeles native, Jones’ passion for the industry came into play at a young age, taking regular trips to his family jeweler. After graduating from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Jones apprenticed under Master Jewelers before building his own brand. His early custom pieces garnered interest from the whos who of Hollywood and Jones quickly became the most sought after private Jeweler in Los Angeles. 


“At some part in time during our lives we are going to purchase a piece of jewelry, mostly to commemorate a life event such as an engagement, anniversary, birth of a child or even a promotion for a new job. My goal is to create unique high-end pieces for my clientele that defines a momentous time in their life.” says Jones. To that tune, Jones’ pieces are meant to reflect the taste of each individual customer while infusing the latest style, fashion, and cultural nuances that cultivate creativity and timeless looks which he strives to deliver to optimize each client’s experience.

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