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Custom jewelry Process

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

How Custom Jewelry Is Created From Start to Finish

At Corey Anthony Jones, custom jewelry is our main purpose. Creating the perfect bespoke piece that will celebrate an important life event is a privilege that we’re proud to be a part of. If you haven’t commissioned a custom piece of jewelry and are wondering what the process is like, here’s a little peek behind the curtain of our world.

The Inception

You come to us with an idea. Whether you’re getting engaged, have an important anniversary to celebrate, want to wow her on her birthday, or for any momentous occasion, we’re here for you. The spark is the initial concept of what you want. A desire to gift the grandest piece of jewelry you can imagine.

As a client, you’ll provide as much input as you need to, but we’re always happy to guide you through this process. I’ll act as your concierge to make your idea flourish into reality. I usually ask clients to provide me with some images so that we’re on the same page initially. We’ll chat about considerations with your budget, how the production will go, and the overall aesthetics of your dream piece. If we’re in person together, I can sketch up a quick drawing to make the idea come to life. It’s truly an exciting journey that I’m happy to facilitate for you.

The Budget

Budget is a factor in deciding to purchase just about anything. The budget is especially important when trying to figure out engagement rings and the size of the diamond you want. I’ll work within your budget to find the ultimate stone that will be the centerpiece of the ring. The bulk of the cost is usually going to be around securing that stunning center diamond.

The Deposit

The deposit I require is usually 50 percent of the total cost, although when it comes to engagement rings the center diamond is what we have to secure first before starting production of the ring. So in this case, the deposit will be closer to 80 percent.

The Design

After sketching out the design by hand, the next step is to render it on the computer with CAD. This is a “Computer Aided Design” program to show what the ring will look like from start to finish. It creates a three-dimensional jewelry object in a virtual world. From there, I can make a photorealistic rendering on the ring, and play with metal color, stone shapes, and fancy colored stones. I can also show what an engraving would look like in a particular font. The program allows me to change up the details about the piece in order to make sure it’s the perfect design for what you need the finished product to look like before it goes into production.

The Production

Production usually takes about two weeks, but rush orders can be done in five days. The expedition of orders is subject to the availability of diamonds, much like real estate, diamond stone inventory constantly turns over. An expedited order incurs an additional cost.

Then in building the ring, a wax model is created, which is called jewelry casting. Next that wax pattern is used in plaster to create the body of the ring. It’s filled with gold or other types of metal, like platinum, to make the final product once the plaster is broken away. Once the stones are placed, then everything is polished and inspected to perfection. Of course, this is just a simple explanation for a more complex process that takes quite a bit of time and attention.

The Reveal

This is the best part. I get to show the client the finished product and watch their eyes light up with joy. The pure unadulterated bliss is a feeling I felt the first time I saw a flawless diamond up close. I love to replicate that feeling for all of my clients.

Creating the right jewelry piece from start to finish is an honor that I love to be a part of. Showing my work to clients is such fun. Then sometimes I’ll get to see how that treasured piece will be a part of their lives forever, like in the case of this couple’s engagement. In that moment, he got down on one knee and presented his love with an amazing two plus carat emerald diamond with side-stone baguettes in platinum. Timeless beauty. A true reminder of real and lasting love.

Now that you know a little bit more about the process of custom-made jewelry, if you have any questions or would like to start this amazing work with Corey Anthony Jones Jewelry, request an appointment consultation. I’m also happy to do virtual consultations if you aren’t in the Los Angeles area. Let’s craft a custom piece for you that’s going to fulfill your wildest jewelry desires.

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